Sunday, March 31, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Lilith

            Holly Hutchins, dead for decades, showed no visible signs of decay.  Except for the tattered remains of her ivory lace dress, she might have been laying in state in the Planters’ funeral home.  Dark blond hair framed a face still fresh with youth.  Her skin flushed pink vitality.
            Alex’s heart hammered.  “How is this possible? 
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Friday, March 29, 2013

First Five Friday – Lilith

Chapter 21 

            Jacob pulled the Mercedes to a smooth stop, and Colwyn got out of the front passenger side.  Alex laid awake on the backseat with Dr. Thompson scrunched accordion-style on the floor beside her.  Pain, the terror of their escape, and fear for Father Luis had kept exhaustion at bay the entire trip. 
            She knew they’d had no choice but to leave the feisty priest behind, and that had been a choice he’d made readily, but that didn’t keep the guilt from crashing in.   

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Willow in the Desert

  He jerked his gaze back down to the list.  “You really trust me with this?  Wouldn’t a human be better?”
  “Don’t be silly, Gordon.  You’re still more human than not, no matter what your appearance says.”  Carli got back to business. 
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Friday, March 22, 2013

First Five Friday - Willow in the Desert


Chapter 11
Gordon was just outside the closed west gate of Freetown when he heard a strange swishing noise in the distant desert.  He strained to identify the sound.  Not the booted feet of humans coming from Gander’s Gulch.  Not a sandstorm, though it sounded similar.  No, it was something he’d never heard before, like an eerie, secretive whisper from hundreds of parched throats.   

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – The Willow and the Stone

            “Frank told us the aliens in the Pyramid use humans as slaves.  Now we know where they come from.”  Carli’s legs shook with realization.  She sat on the ground before they could give out on her.
            “We’ve got to escape.  We’ve got to go now.” 
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Friday, March 15, 2013

First Four Friday - The Willow and the Stone

Chapter 20 

            Change crept over Renee.
            She felt it while still strapped to the table in the room she called the Torture Chamber.  First, her eyesight improved.  Not all at once; the darkness receded little by little until she saw her monstrous tormentors clearly.   

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Lilith’s Return (WIP)

In the right foreground of the picture stood a woman’s figure as she faced the house, which put her back to the camera.  She was visible from about the lower part of her shoulders to mid-thigh, her well-toned body undisguised by loose-fitting jeans and black leather jacket.  Her posture was tense, as if poised to fight despite there being no visible enemy.  One hand was behind her back, and it clutched a rosary.

The woman was Lena’s mother.  The photo had been taken five years earlier without Alex’s knowledge. 

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Friday, March 8, 2013

First Four Friday – Lilith’s Return

Chapter 7 

When all the pure human members of the Segreto returned, Lena permitted them to tie her to a chair with a few lengths of scarves, most of which came from Stella.  Apparently, no one had thought to bring rope or duct tape to the hunt for Lilith.  Her stomach squirmed sickeningly to hand herself over to the Christian portion of the group.  She had no fear that any of them would harm her, at least not on purpose.   

Releasing June 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Lilith

            Both men looked at her.  Colwyn said, “How many Segreto have died against Lilith?”
            “You don’t know?”  Alex’s surprise was genuine.  She swallowed, and the sudden crushing weight of total realization fell full force upon her. 
            I’m going to die fighting her.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

First Five Friday – Lilith

Chapter 20

             As the elevator climbed to the sixth floor, Lilith licked her lips in anticipation.  She felt the presence of two halflings close by.  She was sure it was the pair who’d helped the Segreto bitch the day before.
            “It’s them,” Naamah said, her face stretched in a hungry grin.  “I never forget the pulse of a man.” 

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