Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Five Fave Ray Bradbury Stories/Books

With the passage of a great author that I idolized, I decided to share the works this amazing and prolific master inspired me with.  RIP Ray, and thanks for all the great stories.

Fahrenheit 451:  You wouldn’t think a book I had to do an 11th grade report on would become a favorite.  This was my first exposure to Bradbury, and what an introduction.  Even more amazing is the fact he wrote this classic in only 9 days. 

The Martian Chronicles:  Written in the 1950’s, a series of interwoven stories taking on capitalism and racism in the form of a narrative involving Earth colonizers destroying the Martian society still stands tall today.  It remains an astounding piece of work.

Something Wicked This Way Comes:  Good vs. evil in a nightmare of a carnival.  Shivers galore. 

The Sound of Thunder:  The short story of a safari hunt in the prehistoric past.  This is where ‘the butterfly effect’ was born.  Chilling to think how one small change in history could have such far-reaching effects.

Zen in the Art of Writing:  Bradbury transmitted his enthusiastic joy for his art in this nonfiction treatise on writing.  It was a terrific inspiration for me as I struggled to realize my own dream.

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