Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Horror and Sex Collide

Let’s face it:  horror and sex go together like mashed potatoes and gravy.  Whether it’s a vampire biting into a woman’s neck, King Kong stealing away Fay Wray, or Jason/Freddie/insert-fave-psycho-killer-here cutting up horny teenagers; you’ve got the gruesome twosome.   They just seem to go hand in hand.
And why not?  Both leave you feeling incredibly vulnerable.  Who hasn’t shuddered naked in the shower after watching Psycho? 

My horror novel Lilith features creatures called succubi.  These are demonic women who seduce and feed on men’s sexual energy until they die.  There is a male counterpart to these fiendish creature called incubi, but I don’t address them in my story.
So how powerful is this seductive, killing creature?  According to one historic text, Pope Sylvester II (999–1003) had an affair with a succubus named Meridiana, who helped him achieve his high rank in the Church.  He confessed to this shortly before his death.

Succubi are said to be quite beautiful, the better to lure their victims into their grasp.  However, the observant man, who isn’t overcome by lust when such a siren beckons to him, might take note of bird’s feet, fangs, or some other part that isn’t quite the norm on a hot babe.
How bad could being killed while in the throes of passion turn out?  Here’s a brief taste of the agony as depicted in my book:

            She waited until she stood only a foot behind him before she spoke.  “Hello.”
            The man jumped straight up in the air with a startled “Oh!”  He turned to face her.
            His gaze found her face first, and he gave Lilith an appropriately dazzled look.  He managed to keep his tone polite, too professional to let the heat in his eyes bleed to his voice.  “Hi.  Can I help you?”
            Then he noticed her scanty clothing, the sleeveless, low cut dress completely inappropriate for the cold.  His jaw dropped open as he looked her up and down.
            While he gawked, Lilith grabbed him by the back of his head.  His startled eyes met hers and went blank.  The clipboard hit the ground. 
            “You certainly can help me,” she purred, pulling his face to hers.  “Stay very quiet and still now.”
            She kissed him violently, coiling her tongue about his to draw it into her mouth.  He whimpered as she chewed on the soft pink flesh with her teeth gone suddenly rat sharp, but that was all.  His body shuddered helplessly, and the sweetest flavor of all, the flavor of unmitigated terror and pain, flooded her senses even as his blood flooded her mouth.
Lilith broke the kiss, swallowing with a contented sigh.  Her insides curled warm with arousal.  “Come,” she told the trembling creature, backing towards her den and pulling him along with her.  “You’re just in time for dinner.”

Watch out for those gorgeous girls who approach you, gentlemen.  Sometimes they bite.

Lilith is available through Amazon and Smashwords

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