Friday, August 16, 2013

First Five Friday – Willow in the Desert

"I rarely got a chance to catch my breath on this one...I just couldn't put the book down."  --Manic Readers review

Chapter 16 

                Gordon was horrified when he took in the situation at the main entrance to the base.  Carli, armed with nothing more than a flamethrower, was pinned behind the guardhouse that had once been the checkpoint for Cyrus’ comings and goings.  Her squad took shelter behind stacked debris several yards behind her, laying down fire when the mutants guarding the main gate tried to creep up on her position.  Many of the mutants were returning fire.  They had gotten hold of Kevlar vests and pushed large crates ahead of themselves as the inched closer to Carli’s hiding place. 

Available from Amazon, Barnes &Noble, and Smashwords.  Available in paperback too.

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