Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith


             “Alex, wait.”
            Colwyn’s hand enveloped her shoulder.  The jolt of sensation nearly jerked her out of her skin.  Her knees buckled, and she fell.  Colwyn gasped; his other arm circled her waist and pulled her against him, stopping her plunge.  Alex cried out as another wave of electricity radiated from him and passed through her, melting her for an instant.  The granite planes of his body pressed against her back.  She felt his strength, his power, and knew her own helplessness against such a creature.
            Alex lunged free with such force that she crashed against the wall.  Pain jarred throughout her body, and she nearly fell again.  Colwyn reached for her, but before he could grab her again she held up her hands and backed away.
            “Don’t.  Touch.  Me.”  Tremors raced through her body. 

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