Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday's Serving - Lilith's Return

 Lena remembered everything from the moment her parents sparked her into being.  Mere hours after sperm fertilized egg, she and Alex were in the midst of a fight for all of humanity.  She’d felt every moment of her mother’s hopelessness, terror, and pain as she battled to exile their enemy.  Despite Lena’s presence and power aiding Alex, the battle had been close, and death even closer.  Had the doomed unborn child Lilith carried at the time not rebelled against its mother, had Lena not reminded her own mother of the power of the coffin nail she carried, Lilith would have won.  Earth would be trembling under her rule right now.

The immortal succubus had come so close to winning last time.  Now Mom, Dad, and Uncle Jacob were going to face her yet again.  Lena knew how tough her family was and how committed to the fight.  They would do all in their power to fend off the great threat once more.  But she had a very bad feeling about it.

“I’m not a prognosticator, I’m a tracker,” Lena reminded herself.  “I don’t see the future.”

So why did she have such a sense of doom?

Lena couldn’t stand it anymore.  She had not fought demonkind in years.  She had forgotten more than a few things when it came to the rituals and verses.  But she needed to be with her family.  She had to face Lilith and stop the demoness, or die trying.

She picked up the phone and called the funeral home.  Aunt Marta answered before the first ring ended.  “Lasham Funeral Home.  How may I help you?”

Without preamble, Lena announced, “I’m going to North Carolina.”

“Your plane leaves in four hours.  Get packed and I’ll drive you to Miami International.”

Lena almost wept; from terror or relief, she wasn’t sure.  “How do you do that?”

“It’s a gift.  Get a move on.  I’m on my way.”

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