Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith

            Alex’s mouth dried.  A tremor overcame her.  She’d faced many demons, but none looked as predatory as this creature.  The demoness moved with catlike grace, and her eyes scanned her surroundings as if searching for prey.  This was no Christmas-loving Stella Foster.  This was a voracious beast hunger-bright for something to snack on, something that would shriek and bleed.
            Run before she sees you! Alex’s instincts screamed.  Her heart hammered as if to burst from her chest.  But her legs quaked and refused to hurl her back into the truck.  Even though about twenty yards separated them, her talent drummed with insane violence, a sure indication the demoness possessed considerable power, more than Colwyn and Jacob combined. 
            The fiend’s head turned towards her.  Alex looked away and pretended to study the house for sale.  Her hands clutched at the gris-gris and holy water in her pockets as she watched out of the corner of her eye.
            The demoness stalked to the driver’s side of the BMW parked a few feet in front of her truck.  Alex glanced over and met a cold stare from eyes like black holes.  It was as if twin pits had been bored into the flesh of the demoness’ face, destroying the first impression of flawless beauty.  Alex feared if she looked too long she’d be swallowed in the dark depths.  Was Hell as bottomless and black as those eyes?   

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