Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith


            Colwyn sped down the streets. They reached Henderson Avenue within five minutes.
            “Oh shit,” Jacob said, letting him know he’d spotted the truck two blocks down. The older demi-demon said nothing as he parked behind Alex’s Ford. His chest felt tight. The Mercedes’ rearview mirror reflected his grim face back at him.
            Jacob looked at the house they’d parked in front of. A ‘For Sale’ sign whipped back and forth in the gale. “This isn’t it. That house is empty.”
            Colwyn peered through the driving rain at the house number. “It must be the house up there.”
            As soon as they got out of the car, a tremendous jolt of demon energy pulsed against him. His mouth went dry. Jacob’s face whitened to alabaster.
            “I think we’ve found what we’re looking for. This is very bad,” the younger Planter said over the torrent. “I hope Alex hasn’t done anything stupid.”
            Colwyn pushed aside his own terror. “We’ll go to the back door and surprise Lilith. Hurry!”
            They raced across the yard and around to the rear of the house. The rain beat against them like hundreds of tiny fists, as if desperate to make them turn around. They reached the back door. Colwyn peered into its window. The interior of the house was dark but for one room lit at the end of the hall. He saw no movement. He tried to open the door.
            “It’s locked.”
            “Do we break it down?” Jacob suggested.
            “It looks quiet in there. If Alex is still alive, we’d be better off sneaking in. Let’s check and see if any windows are unlocked. If we can get in quietly—” Colwyn broke off.
            His brother’s eyes widened. “What the hell?”
            A second incredible surge of demon power startled both men. A coldly amused voice spoke from behind them. “Well now, what do we have here?”
            They whipped around. A woman, her black hair plastered down by the rain, stood at the bottom of the steps. She looked them up and down and licked her lips.
            “My, my,” she whispered, her voice husky. “Two big, strong halflings sneaking around the back door. Breaking and entering is a crime, boys. You’ll have to be punished.”
            The brothers recoiled from the succubus as she closed the distance. Their hands flew up too late to ward her off. She touched them. 

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