Thursday, February 2, 2012

Five Fave TV and Movie Aliens

I love sci-fi, and the aliens that are dreamed up.  Some of these picks are better known than others, and I know many would disagree with my list.  But when I think awesome aliens, these are the ones who come to mind:

5.  Debbie Lee Carrington in Total Recall

Okay, so technically she’s a human living on Mars and not an alien.  But she’s so cool and absolutely badass that I had to put her in.  When they said big things come in small packages, they must have had Debbie in mind.  Come on, guys, you know you would (wink, wink).  And speaking of alien women men secretly think, “Yeah, I’d hit that”…

4.  Lursa and B’Etor, the Duras sisters from Star Trek:  The Next Generation

Trouble is, they’d hit back.  And probably crush your skull.  Tough gals, not very nice, but ultimately I have to give them props for being such terrific villains. 

3.  Predator

Yes, he’s ugly as sin under that Boba Fett wanna-be mask, but the guy is sporting awesome dreads.  Tough even at the point of death, he laughed in Ah-nold’s face as he committed suicide.  It doesn’t get better than that.

2.  Quark from Star Trek:  Deep Space 9

Conniving and comedic, Armin Shimerman made Quark the character to follow on this show.  Quark’s conscience constantly got in the way of his greed, and I loved watching him thwart his own attempts to get rich.

1.  Yoda

Not the wisdom-spouting Yoda, sitting cool as a cucumber as he dispenses pithy sayings to would-be Jedis.  With that Fozzie Bear voice, I kept expecting him to add “Wakka wakka” at the end of each sentence.  I’m talking the somersaulting, saber-wielding, Count-Dooku-butt-kicking Yoda.  Very cool.

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