Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interview with Carli Dixon of The Willow and the Stone

Obviously I’m not so crazy as to believe I’m actually sitting down to interview a fictional character.  I just thought it would be fun to share a little more about my upcoming book through one of the heroines’ eyes.  So just roll along with me on this and enjoy.

Q:  Hi Carli. 

A:  Keep it down.  If any aliens are around, they might hear you.

Q:  Sorry.  I guess things have gotten pretty bad for humans since the Black Pyramids landed?

A:  Besides my friend Renee, I hardly see people anymore.  I think we must be nearly extinct.  But you see those damned monsters all over the place. 

Q:  So tell me about survival since the aliens came.  From the looks of you, it hasn’t been easy.

A:  Food is hard to come by.  We forage around for anything edible during the day.  Once in awhile we come across an old farm or garden that’s grown wild and still producing, but after two years those are getting far and few between.  Sometimes you can catch fish.  Every now and then there’s a grocery store that hasn’t been looted for all the canned stuff.

Q:  So daytime is still safe?

A:  Aliens can’t come out during the day.  I’ve seen a few of their bodies here and there, all charred from the sun. 

Q:  So you have to keep hidden at night?

A:  You’d better believe it.  If one of those things catches you, it’s all over.  They’re stronger, faster, and they inject you with some sort of poison that paralyzes you while they feed. 

Q:  What do these things look like?

A:  Unbelievably horrible.  They’re kind of like giant insects.  They have these arms like you’d see on a praying mantis, with bristles growing out.  They don’t have noses or mouths.  Instead, there’s a siphon that can narrow down to a needle point.  That’s what they use to drain the blood from their victims. 

Q:  It sounds pretty nightmarish.

A:  You know what’s the worst part?  Their eyes.  They have eyes like ours.  I know you wouldn’t think that would be so awful, but to see human-looking eyes on such inhuman creatures is just insane.  It’s wrong.

Q:  Tell me about your friend Renee.

A:  She’s tough.  A lot tougher than me.  I think I’d be dead without her to keep me safe.  I try not to mess up, because if she left me I’d be in a world of hurt.

Q:  Why would she leave you?  You are friends, right?

A:  Yeah.  She’d probably put up with me no matter what, but I’ve really been getting on her nerves lately.

Q:  In what way?

A:  I keep having these dreams.  She doesn’t want to hear about them though.

Q:  What kind of dreams?

A:  You’re going to laugh, but I dream about this Native American man who calls me Willow.  I think he’s real.

Q:  Why do you think that?

A:  I’ve had dreams before that came true.  I know, I know, it’s weird.  No one believes me, but this stuff is for real.  Anyway, this guy I’m dreaming about, he keeps asking me to join him.  I think he’s hiding with a bunch of other people in a mine shaft somewhere in Pennsylvania.  But winter is on the way, and Renee says we have to head south. 

Q:  So you’re not going to look for him?

A:  How can I?  Renee won’t go, and I can’t survive by myself.  Wait – did you hear something?  Sort of like a really loud cricket?

Q:  I don’t know.  I wasn’t paying attention.

A:  It could be an alien.  They make this cricket-like noise – there it is again.  I have to go and tell Renee.

Q:  Good luck to you, Carli. 

A:  Thanks.  I need all the luck I can get.

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