Friday, March 2, 2012

First Four Friday - Willow in the Desert (WIP)

Scene 1:
Royce Cummings sat on a splintered park bench, eating a slab of ham and grape tomatoes with his bare hands.  The ham was pure salty goodness, but he couldn’t help wishing it was between two slices of pillow-soft white bread with a couple of slices of Swiss cheese and some spicy brown mustard slathered on thick.  Six years hadn’t cured his craving for store-bought white bread, for Swiss cheese, for spicy brown mustard, or any kind of mustard for that matter.  Hell, he’d settle for that dijon stuff they used to make the funny commercials about with snooty men in the backs of limos sneering over sandwiches.

First draft of this new one is complete! (sequel to The Willow and the Stone which releases March 16)

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