Thursday, April 12, 2012

Interview with Alex Williams of Lilith

Yes, I am interviewing another one of my fictional characters.  No, I’m not on medication.  Why do you ask?

Lilith is under contract to be published, with the date still to be announced.  It is a horror novel about the mythical first woman created (yep, Eve came second according the Hebrew legend).  Seems Lilith still has a few issues with being supplanted and has her eye on regaining supremacy on Earth.  One person stands in the way of destruction of mankind:  Alex Williams, the lone female warrior of the secret sect, the Segreto.

Q:  First question, Alex.  Why are you the only female in this organization?

A:  Oh, the Church has a bunch of weak reasons, but let’s be frank here.  It’s a patriarchal institution, and they don’t like ladies in charge.

Q:  It sounds as if you don’t quite approve.

A:  You could put it that way.

Q:  So why have even one female in the Segreto?

A:  Because Lilith is a succubus.  She has power over men via her sexuality.  They can’t resist her, so she kills them with ease.  Only a woman can fight her.

Q:  Wow.  So tell me more about the Segreto’s mission.

A:  I’ll have to give you a bit of history to answer that.  When Lilith left the Garden, she encountered the Fallen … the angels who rebelled against God and were cast out.  It was with them that she got – shall we say – frisky.  The resulting children were her daughters the succubi, who in turn gave birth to demons.  The Segreto was formed by the Church to fight and destroy demonkind.

Q:  And Lilith.  Why hasn’t she been destroyed yet?

A:  She’s immortal.  Lilith can’t be killed.  She can only be fought to a stalemate and sent between realms to a place we call the ether.  There she recovers her strength and plots for her next attempt to exterminate us.

Q:  So it’s your task to defend all of humanity against her?

A:  It was.

Q:  Past tense?

A:  I’ve been thrown out of the Segreto and excommunicated.  It’s no longer my fight.

Q:  Why?

A:  It’s complicated. 

Q:  You don’t seem too upset about it.

A:  It’s been a year since it happened.  You want to know the truth?  I’m glad to be out of it.  It’s not my problem and I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not anymore. 

Q:  But who is standing watch with you gone?

A:  The Segreto is training my replacement.  I think she’s five or six years old now, so they better hope Lilith doesn’t show before then.

Q:  So you’re out of the demon fighting business then?

A:  I didn’t say that.

Q:  Would you care to elaborate?

A:  I don’t need the Church’s permission to use her rites.  And there are other weapons outside of crucifixes and holy water.  If I find a demon, I kill it.  They are evil, foul creatures that need to be wiped out.

Q:  I take it there are no such things as good demons?

A:  Just the ones I kill.

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