Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday's Serving - Lilith


            In the lobby, a crowd of well-dressed mourners gathered in a tight knot.  In the middle stood Colwyn and a gray-haired woman he encircled with a long arm.  Sobs wrenched from her throat, and she sagged against the funeral director as Marta patted her shoulder.
            Colwyn murmured to the woman, his words too low for Alex to hear.  She heard his gentle tone however, and it soothed until she looked at his face.
            A mask of concern covered his features.  But beneath the consoling veneer, she saw how his eyes dilated and the slight upturn of his lips.  Under the sympathy he looked ecstatic.
            Alex’s hand flew to her mouth to block the scream that tried to escape.  Perhaps Colwyn saw the movement out of the corner of his eye because he looked at her.   

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