Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith’s Return


She found Devon standing in the living room’s doorway, nervously waiting for her to acknowledge him.  She let her gaze wander over his body.  He wasn’t bad looking for one sullied with so much human blood.  He was quite delicious in fact, with his well-groomed dark blond hair cut in a salon, a strong jaw, perfectly tanned skin with intelligent brown eyes, and wearing a tailored suit that molded beautifully to his body kept in shape with a gym membership – yes, a very fine example of masculinity.  Lilith licked her lips in appreciation.  At her reaction, Devon’s eyes grew wide with mingled fear and lust.

He cleared his throat.  “Are they coming, mistress?”

Lilith’s sense of satisfaction grew.  “Of course.  Alex Williams is as obsessed with destroying me as she was twenty-five years ago.”

“Then I’ll upgrade the house’s security.  Cover every inch of the property with cameras.  I can hire guards, as well.”

“Only if the security is made up of demonkind.  Pureblood humans might falter.  They are so weak, in heart, mind, and body.” 

That was, except for Alex Williams Lasham.  Her unwavering purpose would never falter until the human bitch fell dead.

Lilith considered.  “On second thought, don’t hire guards, though other security measures will be fine.  I have an even better plan, one that won’t involve non-demons.”

Devon nodded.  “It will be done as you wish.  How else may I serve you?”

She regarded him with heavy-lidded eyes.  “I hunger.”

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