Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – The Willow and the Stone

            Geraldine lay full-length on the ground and peered into the tiny basement window.  Her fingers clutched at the weed-choked ground in spasms, leaving claw marks in the dirt.
            Leo sat there communing with Satan again.  Did he believe she didn't know what he was doing?  She knew what Leo Black Elk was.  But between the plumes of smoke, seeing the strong planes of his face gleam with sweat, the long, blue-black hair cascading down his broad back, her mouth felt dry.  It seemed wrong that Satan sent such a beautiful being to torment her and God gave her no strength to resist the hope Leo would come to her.
            She’d had no idea the temptations that would be set before her when she and Caleb and their followers had discovered the Rock.  Within the old limestone mine they had created a haven for God's Chosen.  But the gorgeous serpent named Black Elk slithered in to offer the weak the poisoned fruit of sin.  To her horror, she discovered she was one of the weak herself.  The sacrifices she’d made to get Leo to come to her, to love her! 
            It will all be worth it if I lead him to God.  All will be forgiven, because it’s for the greater good. 

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