Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith


            Alex automatically prepared her usual breakfast by heating a couple of toaster pastries and microwaving a cup of instant coffee.  Nibbling at her breakfast, she stared out the kitchen window, not seeing the abandoned house decaying creepily across the road.  Her thoughts were far from that eerie sight.
            She mused over Colwyn’s strange behavior the night before.  What had he wanted to ask her but been unable to?  To see such a huge, confident man so unsure of himself fascinated her.  In that moment, she’d almost forgotten his demonic side.  Despite the thrum of his presence,        he seemed wholly human and someone she could genuinely like.  His smile softened his strong features and made the granite face attractive.  Seeing him unguarded like that made her wish for ignorance of his ancestry.
            Her thoughts startled her, and Alex almost dropped her cup.  Coffee sloshed onto the tile floor and splashed her bare toes.  She swore at the sudden burn. 
            She grabbed a handful of paper towels and wiped up the spill almost savagely.  What in the hell am I thinking?  He’s a demi-demon for God’s sake!   

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