Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith’s Return


Alex’s face filled with torment, and for the first time, Lena really saw her mother.  Not the demon killing, bloodthirsty warrior, but a woman filled with doubt and fear and guilt.  “You don’t take any life without dying a little inside, Lena.  Even when the life you end is an evil one.”

“You kill demonkind all the time.”

Alex bowed her head.  “I know.  But in that case it’s the same idea as killing Hitler to stop him from killing millions of innocents.  Killing one to save many.”  Drops fell from her eyes, spilling over her clenched hands.  She was actually crying again, though her voice remained steady.  “Once upon a time I killed demonkind indiscriminately.  Don’t think it doesn’t haunt me to this very day.  Who knows how many of my victims were like you?  Like your father and Uncle Jacob?”

Lena had never realized the burden Alex had carried all her life.  It was a revelation to see that the tough woman felt every bit as vulnerable as she.  That she was in need of the same support that Lena sought.  Maybe needing even more.

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