Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – The Willow and the Stone


                The hair on the back of her neck stood up. The next instant, the alien chittered behind them.
                Renee swiveled, raising her gun. A heavy clout to her ribs knocked her backwards and drove the air from her lungs. Her gun spun loose and disappeared into the darkness. The cement floor rushed up to greet her. Dull pain reverberated throughout her body.
                She fought off the shock and twisted about just in time to see the flash of light explode from Adam's gun. The bullet pinged off the wall. The alien looming over Adam swung a mantis arm. The former police officer careened through the air like a broken puppet. His head collided with the top of the door frame with a solid thunk. He dropped to the ground, and his gun skittered outside. He slumped and did not move again.
                Renee raised her gaze, her ears still ringing with the blast from the gun. The insectoid alien horror stalked on its wisp thin legs to stand over her. The moonlight showed it in glaring detail; seven feet of alien. Its proboscis writhed and lengthened. The end narrowed to a needle tip. Hypnotized with terror, she watched as a drop appeared at the end of the profane appendage. The nightmarish face approached hers. Sparse tufts of hair sprouted out of its elongated skull. The skin reflected the moonlight like shiny new plastic. Light colored, obscenely humanlike eyes stared at her.
                It brushed against her throat. Its proboscis slid against her skin with a lover's caress. Renee didn’t have the strength to even moan. It was over.

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