Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Blog Before Christmas

This is a repost. It's the holidays, for heaven's sake. I'm allowed a break.

Twas the blog before Christmas
And all through my head
Was the deadline approaching
For which I felt dread. 

All the subjects of note
Had fled from my brain
I stared at my screen
And sorted in vain 

Through ideas dim-witted
And certain to bore
Recycled and re-used
I’d writ it all before. 

Nothing to make you muse
Nor fit to make you laugh
Though I sweated and labored
And rejected many a draft. 

Coming up empty
I strove for distraction
But the blog to be written
Demanded quick action. 

So I sat at my desk
And faced that blank screen
Ready to write a blog
The best ever seen. 

Peering through the muddle
I felt kind of sick
I just couldn’t conceive
Of an idea that would stick. 

Against the desk surface
Pounding my head in vain
My family scattered
Convinced I’d gone insane. 

A topic!  A title!
Attend me now muse!
A subject!  A hint!
Just one little clue! 

Of something to share
Just one little drop
Of sweet inspiration
That won’t be a flop. 

The cursor, it blinked.
The page, how it mocked
It was no use
I was hopelessly blocked. 

I got out of my chair
And traversed the hall
Showed up in the kitchen
Heeding a primal call. 

There at last, the answer
To my mind so stuck
The Fountain of Good Writes
Awaited my cup. 

I approached with joy
Shouting with delight
The drought was over
Coffee would make it right. 

Caffeine imparted thought
I knew what to do
I ran back to my keyboard
And my fingers flew. 

The words came easily
All was again fine
Naught beats coffee notions.
(Except perhaps wine) 

With the answer at last
A blog was achieved
Caffeine-jittery now
But still quite relieved. 

I wish all my loved ones
Celebrating far and near
A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.

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