Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Willow and the Stone Excerpt

            Before this horrible day, Carli thought the safety of daylight all too brief.  Knowing this nightfall would deliver them into the insectile clutches of the Old Ones, time sped faster than ever.  The far off voices of the farmers faded as the sun sank in the sky.  The prisoners huddled in a corner of the cage, Adam's big arms wrapped about each woman.  As daylight waned, a pearly mist crept in curling tendrils about their bodies.  The mist should be gray, Carli thought, then wondered why she expected that.  The memory of a dream, a nightmare perhaps...
            She thought of her Native American friend.  Would he know when the Old Ones killed the woman he called Willow?  Would he grieve for her?
            Daylight died.  Night collapsed on them, dark and forbidding.  Her ears strained to hear the cricket sound of alien speech.
            Only minutes after the dark descended, the sound of alien chittering buzzed through the fog.  All three prisoners lunged to their feet and clutched frantic hands.  Quiet returned for a moment.  Carli's rasping breath roared in her ears.  She pressed against the bars as far as she could get from the door she couldn’t see in the fog.
            The cage rattled.  The sound that haunted her nightmares exploded in her ears from all around.
            Chittering.  Chirping.
            Renee screamed.  Her dim form jerked away into the mist.  Adam thrashed then he too disappeared, his hand torn from Carli's grip.  Mute with terror, she crouched on the ground, shaking her head in silent negation. 
            Something caressed her cheek with a bristled touch.  A quick pain stabbed her neck.  She found her voice.  "No!  No!"  Sobbing denials, she slapped at the face of the thing that pulled her close.  Her limbs swung heavy, useless.  Her eyes thudded shut.  The wild thumping of her heart slowed.
            An image of a tall beautiful man with long black hair drifted before her closed eyes.  Help me.  I don't want to die.  So scared...
            The man who called her Willow reached for her just before disappearing in the dark void.

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