Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith

            Alex imagined a shadowy female figure tearing first Jacob then Colwyn apart while she stood by, unable to move.  She pictured it clearly, seeing the blood flowing from the brothers’ gaping wounds and Colwyn looked at her with accusing eyes that glazed over.
            Alex shook herself out of the terrible fantasy.  She trembled all over as she rooted through the pockets of the jeans she wore yesterday.  She transferred the items she found from those to the jeans she wore now:  a small gris-gris bag, a vial of holy water, and the rusted nail from Holly Hutchins' coffin.  She held the nail in her palm for a moment and stared at it.
            “What did you know?” she asked the nail.  “What was it that helped you defeat Lilith so quickly?”
            When the nail failed to gain the power of speech and subsequently refused to offer her sage insight from the long-dead Segreto, Alex stuffed the nail in her pocket and came to a decision. 
            She’d go after Lilith without the brothers.  Reaction to so much demon strength might hinder her. 
            “And let’s face it,” Alex said to herself.  “I don’t care to see them killed, demonkind or not.”
            She glanced at the clock in the den before walking out.  Almost one o’clock.  They expected her in an hour.  If she hurried and didn’t get pulled over for speeding, she could get to the house on Henderson Avenue in forty minutes.  By the time they realized she’d gone without them, they’d be too late.                          

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