Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith’s Return


Alex was as startled by Lena’s sudden outburst as everyone else.  However, she knew in an instant that something had gone terribly wrong with her daughter.  She didn’t hesitate to rush towards the distressed girl.  Before Alex realized on a conscious level what was happening, the alien sneer on Lena’s face stopped her in her tracks. 

Her words dripping with hate, Lena said, “Ridiculous creatures, all of you.  Watered-down demon blood and weak offspring of Adam.  Do you really think you can stand against my might?”

Colwyn and Jacob drew close, their faces confused and worried.  The younger brother said, “Lena?  What—?”

“It’s Lilith,” Alex interrupted him.  Molten rage poured through every vein of her body until she thought she might burst into flames with the force of it.  “Leave my daughter alone, you fucking bitch!” she screamed at the monster hiding inside Lena.

Lilith taunted her from within her precious daughter’s body.  “Or what?  What are you waiting for, Segreto?  You know where I am.  Come and get me!”

Alex carefully stepped closer to Lena/Lilith.  Her fists clenched at her sides, trembling with the need to pound the bitch for daring to touch her child.  “Oh, we’re coming.  You can bet your infernal ass we’re coming.”

She plunged her hand into her collar, pulling out the crucifix so that the gold shined in Lilith’s eyes.  Lena’s body jerked back, her arms rising to shield herself from the sight.  She snarled for an instant, like a rabid animal held at bay.  Then the hateful facade subsided from Lena’s face and she was herself again, falling to her knees at Alex’s feet.

Colwyn shot to his daughter’s side to cradle her shuddering body, wincing as he did so.  However, a thousand Christian relics couldn’t have kept him from Lena.  Alex put away the crucifix before it could harm him. 

As soon as the talisman was hidden behind Alex’s white button-down shirt again, Colwyn stared up at her with mingled fury and horror.  “Has that bitch been in Lena all this time?  Does Lilith know everything we’re planning?”

Alex’s heart thudded painfully.  She looked helplessly at her husband, without any idea of what to say. 

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