Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – The Willow and the Stone


                What to do about the traitorous Dr. Webb?  The plan had been to scare him into turning against Leo.  If she could deprive Leo of his supporters, he’d have no choice but to turn to her. 
                The doctor was proving as obstinate as Leo.  Should she get him thrown out?  Could she get him thrown out? 
                Many would oppose the loss of the Rock's doctor, Geraldine mused.  If she could cast doubt on his abilities, she could convince the unbelievers that his agenda might be less than benign.  She'd make the argument that if they'd only have faith, the Lord would provide.  Had He not led them to this sanctuary provided by Geraldine herself? 
                Even if some unfortunate circumstance occurred through illness or mishap, far better to die in the bosom of God than to live with the help of Satan's medicine.
                She knew the people to talk to first to spread the word.  Together, they’d show the rest the path of righteousness and win her back control of the Rock.  Those remaining few who might be reluctant to follow her, who’d stand up for Black Elk and Dr. Webb, would be cast out of her Eden and into the darkness as well.  People like that Hollywood tramp Blythe Butler.
                “Hallelujah,” breathed Geraldine. 

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