Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith


           Once she felt safe from curious eyes, she crossed from that backyard to the next.  Right away she saw one window at the back of the demoness’ house was cracked open about an inch.  When she reached it, she found the window was over her head.  Alex looked about for something to stand on.  A child’s tricycle stood on the back porch of the house on the other side of the demon’s lair.  She edged towards it.  No one seemed to be home.  She grabbed the tricycle and hurried back to the window.
            Alex placed the tricycle beneath it.  She listened for any sounds within.  Only the far-off hum of traffic and the drum of her heart disturbed the stillness.  Gripping the windowsill, she stepped onto the toy’s seat and peered inside. 
            Alex looked into the wide open eyes of a wasted man who stared up at her from a bed beside the window.  His face betrayed a horror unimaginable.  Alex froze.

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