Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith’s Return


The priest stared into Lena’s eyes.  “I call you forth, Lilith, first woman, first demoness.  I call forth the one who turned your back on the most high God.  Come forth and show yourself to us.”

Lena broke out in a sweat as the room suddenly blasted furnace hot.  She felt out of breath, as if she’d just run a mile.  The pain in the middle of her head returned, and she had an image of a rusty fish hook buried in there.  Trembling broke out over her body.  Yet Lilith didn’t come forward to challenge them.

Alex handed Father Jackson a vial of holy water.  Lena squeezed her eyes shut, knowing what would come next, anticipating it would feel a lot worse than the oily sensation she’d gotten at the little chapel nearby.

The priest’s voice rose, hard and commanding.  “I have your name, and therefore control over you.  Come forward now, Lilith!”

The water hit the exposed flesh of Lena’s face and arms.  A sound like bacon sizzling on a griddle filled Lena’s ears.  The pain hit an instant later.  Before she could scream against the vicious torment it faded away.  The alien mind that lurked within hers roared forward, eclipsing Lena in utter darkness.

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