Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday's Serving - The Willow and the Stone


Renee pulled her gun from the hip holster she’d taken from the gun shop yesterday. I feel like a kid playing cowboys and Indians, she thought.

“Hey, I’m not rolling yet. Pay attention, Carli. I haven’t given up on you.” Adam studied Renee’s posture. “Okay, you’ve got a good stance. I’m glad one of you pays attention.”

He suddenly moved behind Renee, his arms reaching around. His hands covered hers as she held the gun. He hadn’t done that with Carli. His breath tickled her ear. Despite the warmth of the day, her skin erupted in goose flesh.

“Now hold the gun out like this...”

“Uh, I think I’ve got it.” Her voice shook, but Adam didn’t comment on it. Instead, he released his hold and stepped back.

“Let ‘er rip!”

She squeezed the trigger. With a startled ping-wow, the can on the end flew straight up.

“Nice shot!” Adam cried.

Now that she knew how the gun recoiled, Renee was ready to roll. In a deafening volley, she sent bullets plowing through the row of cans. She cleaned off the log of all but one. As the last echo of gunfire died off, she grinned up at Adam’s stunned face.

“Damn,” he mumbled. “Maybe you should be the one giving the lessons. You’ve done this before?”

“Unless you count all the video games I used to play, no.”

Carli clapped her hands like a delighted child. “That was great! Annie Oakley, move over!”

“See? That’s what happens when you keep your eyes open,” Adam teased.

“Hey Renee, I think you should practice on a moving target now.” Carli kicked a rock towards Adam.

“Don’t give her ideas, Blondie. Go set up another row of cans. I want you to knock out at least one before the sun sets.”

She stuck her tongue out then moved off humming. Adam shook his head and chuckled.

He turned to Renee with an admiring grin. “If things were normal, I’d reward you for doing such a great job by taking you out to dinner.” He chucked her under the chin. “Don’t look so surprised. I’d love to see you by candlelight.”

“Uh, thanks,” she stammered. Adam’s interest surprised and chagrined her.

“You don’t accept compliments too well, do you?”

Renee folded her arms. “Don’t you think you’d do better chasing Carli? She’s the pretty one.”

Now why did I say that?

They looked at the blonde, who had finished setting up the cans. She stared up at a tree, watching a brilliant red cardinal. Her face suffused with delight which made her lovelier than ever. Renee swallowed and looked away.

Adam shrugged. “I don’t think she’s interested in me. Besides, Carli’s not quite what I’m into. Don’t get me wrong; she’s a sweetheart, but she’s a little fragile for my tastes.”

“She’s stronger than you think. She just doesn’t believe in herself.”

“Maybe.” He gave Renee a mock frown. “Did you call her the pretty one?”

“Well, duh. Look at her.”

Adam shook his head. “You shouldn’t sell yourself short in the looks department, you know. You’re a beautiful lady with depth to match. I find that more attractive then the damsel in distress.”

Adam stepped forward. Before Renee could react, his lips pressed hers. His fingers twined in her hair. She let him kiss her, too stunned to move from his embrace. His lips were soft on hers, the contact gentle.

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