Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Countdown to Lilith - Excerpt 2

Please note:  graphic violence and sexual situation in this excerpt 

           As the elevator climbed to the sixth floor, Lilith licked her lips in anticipation.  She felt the presence of two halflings close by.  She was sure it was the pair who’d helped the Segreto bitch the day before.
            “It’s them,” Naamah said, her face stretched in a hungry grin.  “I never forget the pulse of a man.”
            “We’re not going to toy with them,” Lilith said.  “They die as fast as possible.”
            The elevator chimed its arrival on the sixth floor.  The door slid open.
            A silver crucifix blazed white light into her eyes.  Naamah fell back with a howl.  Lilith raised her hands to her face to shut out the glare.
            “Depart this world in the name of Jesus Christ, our most holy Savior!”
            In Lilith’s womb the unborn cried out, a long, drawn-out scream.  She felt it try to leave her body and clutched at her stomach.  She glared at the little dark man waving the crucifix in her face and bared her teeth.
            “Get out of my way, you fool!”  She hurled herself at him and bore the flailing man down to the ground.  The crucifix fell from his hand, and his terror washed over her, drowning her with delight.  She straddled his groin and let her crotch settle over it.  “Surrender to me, priest.  Taste the pleasure your precious Church has denied you,” she said.
            His arms fell limp to the floor.  Lilith felt him grow hard beneath her.  She tasted his shame as his erection pressed at the fabric separating their flesh. 
            His humiliation entranced her.  “You want to know me.  You want to feel how it is to be inside a woman and spill your seed within.  Show me how much you desire it,” she growled.
            His hips bucked against Lilith in answer.  She sighed and put her hands around his throat.  He moaned.  She squeezed.  Her fingernails cut into his skin and blood ran warmth over her fingertips.  He raised his hands to hers.
            “No need to fight.”  She rubbed her crotch against his. 
            His arms dropped to the floor again.  Now excruciating pain mixed with his shame and fear.  It ran over her in a delicious flood.  Lilith liked the helplessness he felt best.  She tightened her grip on his throat.  Yes, make it hurt more.  Crush the fragile windpipe.  Dig the claws in deeper.  Yes.  Yes. 
            The priest made a gurgling noise.  His lips turned blue, and his eyes rolled white.  The pulse in his throat slowed.  His agony was crushing, all consuming.  She ground herself against him even harder and felt the first stirrings of orgasm.
            “Die for me, priest.  Die, you worthless—”
            Naamah grabbed her shoulder and shook her desperately.  “They’re getting away!”
            Lilith’s rapt attention on her victim snapped, and she looked around wildly.  The sensation of the halflings’ presence was fading.  She shot to her feet and stared around until she located the direction of the pulse. 
            “This way!”
            Lilith ran around the corner and collided with a nurse carrying a tray of pills.  The medication flew everywhere, and the demoness thrust the shocked woman out of her way, ignoring her indignant yell.  She followed the demi-demon pulse down the hall.  A cry rose behind her as the strangled man was discovered.
            “Hurry!” Lilith screamed to her daughter.  “They must not escape!”
            A door marked ‘Stairs’ loomed ahead.  Lilith and Naamah burst through it.
            “Down!” Lilith said.
            “Here she comes!” a male voice cried from below.
            “Get back here!  Give her to me, and I’ll spare your lives!”
            A deep voice, growing more distant, yelled back, “Sure you will, you bloodthirsty bitch.”
            Lilith shrieked her rage at that voice and rushed down.  Far below she heard a door slam shut.  The halflings’ presence diminished considerably.
            As fast as she raced to catch them, the sensation from the demi-demons receded farther away.  Finally the women reached the bottom of the stairwell and plunged out the door to the hospital’s parking lot.  Lilith saw a light-colored car speed from the lot and into the street with a screech of tires.  As it drove away, she lost the connection to the halflings.
            “Nooo!”  Lilith screamed her fury at the starlit sky.  “She escaped me again!”  She whirled and faced the hospital.  “That damned Segreto shit with his crucifix.  I’ll rip the bastard to shreds for distracting me!”
            Naamah jumped in front of her to stop her from going in.  “Wait!  Look!  You’re bleeding!”
            Lilith looked down at her tan slacks.  The crotch and inner thighs were stained red.  She shoved Naamah aside and started for the hospital.  “It doesn’t matter.”
            Naamah grabbed her arm.  “The unborn is injured again.  The man who attacked us may not be able to hurt you, but he can kill the unborn and take away your advantage.”
            “I have to find where they’ve taken the bitch.  Get out of my way!”  Lilith hooked her hands into claws and raised them to Naamah’s face.
            “They probably took her straight to the Segreto headquarters!  Listen Mother,” Naamah said.  “You don’t want to lose that child, not yet.  Not when you’re so close to destroying your enemy.  You’ll have to be impregnated again and wait for it to mature enough to use its power.  Healing this unborn will take a week at the most.  Then you can destroy them all.  It’s not like the Segreto are hard to find!  The fool in the hospital can wait.”
            “What if they don’t take the woman to their headquarters?  What if they hide her until she’s well again?”
            A slow, evil smile spread over Naamah’s face.  “She won’t have a chance to recover because she’ll be too eager to get revenge on you.  Angry people do stupid things.”
            Lilith’s rage abated a little at the calculated tone in her daughter’s voice.  “You have an idea?”
            “Yes.”  Police sirens shrilled in the distance.  Naamah paused.  “We should leave now.  I’ll explain everything back at the motel.  Don’t worry; this realm will be yours yet.”

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