Friday, May 18, 2012

Lilith is Now Available

 The e-book is up for sale at New Concepts Publishing.  I will warn you, this book contains graphic violence and sexual situations (hey, Lilith is a demonic succubus – it had to happen).  For your consideration, the description and an excerpt:

Alex Williams has battled demons all her life.  Now Lilith, the mother of all demonkind, has declared war on the human race.  To defeat the immortal succubus, Alex must lay aside her hatred and work with two half-demons, Colwyn and Jacob.   Alex and Colwyn are prepared to destroy each other at the first sign of treachery.  What they don’t expect is the passion that overcomes them.  To defeat Lilith, Alex must embrace what she believes profane and trust the half-demon who might turn against her at any moment.
Genre:  Horror
Warning:  Contains explicit sex and violence.

            Despite her best efforts, Alex dropped right on top of the dead man.  The body squelched beneath her, and the air went muddy with the scent of spoiled meat.  His blank eyes stare into hers, the windows to his soul looking into a bare, unfurnished room. 
She controlled an urge to scream – barely.  Her stomach heaved, and she scrambled off the bed.  The ripe odor of death hung about her, and Alex held her breath as she hurried to the door.  There she paused, willing her galloping heartbeat to slow to a trot.  Panic edged back but kept a hungry eye on her. 
Alex pulled the vial of holy water from her coat pocket and unstoppered it.  With a shuddering breath she cracked the door open.
            A powerful thrum slammed through her body and forced her to stumble backwards.  The demon recognition hit her with the force of a tidal wave.  She tried to scream, but only a whistling hiss of breath escaped.  Alex staggered in a drunken pirouette to the middle of the room, one hand outstretched to ward off the demonic presence, the other pulling back the holy water as if she readied to throw the first pitch of a baseball game.
            Alone and small, Alex had indeed blundered into the lair of the Beast.  A moaned litany escaped her lips.  “I can’t.  I can’t.  I can’t...”
            Staring at the dark hallway beyond the open door, she wept the tears of a terrified child.  Who was she to confront such a monster?  Lilith would surely annihilate her within seconds.  With all that power, she couldn’t be stopped, couldn’t even be slowed.  Lilith would destroy them all.  Such malevolence would crush everything in its path.  Alex’s puny arsenal of prayers and spells would be like pebbles thrown at a tank.  Incantations would be no more to the ancient demoness than nursery rhymes. 
            Demon recognition pulsed at her, sending her thoughts into chaos.  The storm pounded its fury on the roof overhead, adding to the confusion.  She had to get out; she had to run before the demoness scented the interloper in her den and came for her.  Alex turned back to the open window.
            The corpse lying on the bed confronted her.  The bloody, torn carcass blocked her path, stopping her from climbing out the window into the curtain of rain, from running from the house, from leaving the state to hide from Lilith and the Segreto forever.  She couldn’t crawl over that silently screaming remnant again.
The only other way out was to go into the hall and chance facing the demoness.  Her mind raced between the two options like a frantic squirrel caught in a cage.  Her whimpered chant of “Ican’tIcan’tIcan’t...” grew louder.  Soon she’d scream it, and Lilith would come.  The thought didn’t quiet her; it fed her panic and raised the volume of her voice.
            A weight dragged on her neck and grew heavier.  Alex clutched at it and grabbed her silver crucifix on its black cord.  She brought it before her eyes and stared at the tiny form of Christ, stretched upon the cross, sacrificed to save man from evil.  One man, alone.  Like her, the salvation of all humankind.  The metal in her palm felt warm, comforting.  It seemed to infuse her with strength.
            I’m Segreto.  God’s warrior.  Humanity’s only chance in Lilith’s hell.
            The thought struck like a splash of cold water in her face.  Reason returned.  Others had faced Lilith and driven her back to the ether.  The task was suicidally immense but not impossible.  Alex’s ragged breath eased, and her heart slowed a little.  Her body still trembled, but her thoughts had cleared.
            Besides, the bitch doesn’t know I’m here.  I’ve got a hell of a surprise in store for her.
            She squared her shoulders.  She approached the door to the hall again. 
            Alex peeked out into the dark hall.  She discovered the room she was in stood about halfway between the lit front room and the back door.  The television spoke in a mindless drone over the rain that pounded on the roof, the two providing plenty of noise to cover her presence if she was careful.  Alex eased out of the bedroom.
            The hum of her talent intensified as she drew closer to her enemy.  She passed the doorway of a darkened kitchen and wrinkled her nose at the rancid odor of spoiled food.  It was still more pleasant than the rotting body she’d left behind.  Peering into the room, she saw nothing except the reflection of metal from the stove’s burners and its litter of pots and pans.
            Alex returned her attention to the lit room ahead.  She thought she heard a cry behind her and turned.  She saw nothing but the hallway leading to the back door.  She listened, but there was no repeat of the sound; all that reached her ears was her own breath, the drum of rain, and the television.
            She resumed her approach towards the front of the house.  As she moved closer, she heard the polished tones of a newscaster. 
            “...350 bodies found in a mass grave.  Apparently, the victims had been buried alive...”
            Something chuckled over the television’s volume.  Alex halted at the obscene sound.  Her bladder nearly gave way.
            The laughter was inhuman, as if Hell itself had gained the ability to express humor.  Some loathsome, diseased thing reveled in the destruction of others.  Something that didn’t belong among humankind. 
Alex’s upper lip skinned back from her teeth in an unconscious snarl.  She was still awash in fear, but an instinctive hatred boiled within her as well.
            You have no business on my world.  God left it to us, you thieving bitch.  You may take it, but as the saying goes, it’ll be over my very dead body.
            All her attention locked on the doorway before her.  Her fist tightened around the vial of holy water.  Alex passed the kitchen door. 
            The toe of her shoe collided with a broken wedge of a plate.  It clattered across the hardwood floor, a cymbal crash amid the drumming of rain.  The whole house seemed to echo with the sound and amplify it until she clapped her hands to her ears.
            Alex froze and held her breath.  Her heart thumped painfully.  A shadow appeared on the wall in the television room.
            “Naamah, is that you?”
            The shadow grew and glided toward the hall, its darkness slipping eel-like towards her.  Alex stepped back, watching it as it advanced.  Her foot landed on a wet blob and slid out from under her.  With a startled gasp she crashed on her backside with a solid thump, the holy water held aloft in her right hand.  Liquid splashed over her fingers.
            “Who’s there?”  The shadow charged forward.  The thrum of Alex’s talent grew into a scream.

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