Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interview with Colwyn Planter of Lilith

(Click here for the interview with Alex Williams of Lilith)

My second book will be out tomorrow, available directly from New Concepts Publishing.   This is a horror novel based on the legend of Lilith, the woman created before Eve.  After leaving the Garden of Eden, Lilith took up with the fallen angels and birthed the demon race.

In my book, one of the main characters is a descendent of those unholy children, a human-demon hybrid known as a demi-demon.  Despised by humans for their demon blood, and abhorred by their ancestor Lilith for being part human, Colwyn and his brother Jacob are caught in the struggle of good versus evil.

Q:  So where do you stand, Colwyn?  Do demi-demons usually fall under the good or bad category?

A:  You could ask that of any full-blooded human, couldn’t you?  Those with demon blood don’t have the market cornered on evil deeds, you know.  I don’t go around killing, stealing, or causing general mayhem.  I pay my taxes.  If that’s your barometer for good, then I think I’m pretty safe.

Q:  How much demon heritage do you have?

A:  My mother was full demon, a succubus.  My father was human.

Q:  A succubus?

A:  She feeds on men through sex, often killing them.

Q:  What a way to go.  What is it like, being raised by someone like that?

A:  I wouldn’t know.  She gave me and my brother to our father to keep.

Q:   You were raised by a human?  How did that go?

A:  My father was a good man.  My mother terrified him when she came around, but he never took it out on us.  In fact, he cared for us as if we had no demon blood whatsoever except to teach us to feed without harming.

Q:  Feed?  You feed on people?

A:   We feed on their fears and pain.  Demonkind thrive on the agony of others.  Many cause harm in order to feed.

Q:  But you don’t hurt anyone?

A:  My brother and I own a funeral home.  There’s more than enough pain present to take care of our needs without causing further harm.

Q:  It’s my understanding there are those who would kill you on sight.  The Catholic Church has a group that does nothing but hunt down those with demon blood and destroys them.

A:  The Segreto.  I’m well aware of them.

Q:  Have you run into them before?

A:  Not personally.  Someone close to me was killed by those murderers.

Q:  They believe they are doing holy work by destroying the descendents of Lilith.

A:  There are those who have demon blood and have never harmed another.  There are those who use their powers for the greater good of all.  The Segreto are no better than Lilith, who destroys anything with human blood.  It’s genocide, and the Segreto will pay for their crimes.

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