Monday, June 3, 2013

Beware of Bikini-Clad Demonesses

“Succubi!” someone yelled.
Alex stared at the improbable scene of dozens of beautiful, bikini-clad women sweeping towards her little group.  She barely had time to think, when did fighting evil become a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?   Then her demon recognition hit with a violent wallop that left her gasping.
Around just her family, Alex’s ability to recognize demons in her environment registered as a strong but pleasant buzzing within her body.  Among the larger group of the Segreto, it was almost electrical, making the hairs on her arms lift. 
With no structure between her and the oncoming buxom menace, Alex could barely draw breath.  The buzzing in her body felt painful in its intensity, making her bend almost double.  Lena grabbed her by the arm and jerked her upright.  “Mom!  Are you okay?”
Colwyn was only a step away, but he shouted to her as if separated by miles.  “Keep going!”  His call rang out over the harpy screeches of the rapidly closing succubi.  “All females, with Alex!  Your objective is Lilith.  Leave the rest to us.”
The men could only hide behind rites and religious symbols.  With the overwhelming number of succubi, they wouldn’t last long.  Choking past the lump in her throat, Alex begged her husband, “Be careful.”
Colwyn brushed a quick kiss to her forehead and pushed her towards the back of the mansion.  “You too.”
He turned with Jacob and raced towards the other male members of the Segreto, who were already trying to hold the succubi back.  Unable to watch them fight an almost unstoppable foe, Alex turned her face towards that dancing light from the backyard pool.  She took off running, yelling back at the other five females, “Come on, ladies.  Let’s get that bitch.”
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