Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Excerpt from 'Lilith's Return', Now Available for Sale

The man’s chuckle flicked across her skin like heated flames.  It was an appropriate sensation.  “That all depends.  You are of the First Wife’s blood.  Who are you looking for?”
Lena was suddenly aware she’d somehow walked to the foot of the bed without realizing it.  How had that happened?  She made herself take a step back, glancing at the starlet-looking girl in bed with the dark man.  Blondie looked back, her expression bored and somehow blank.
“Lilith’s child?  I asked who are you looking for?” the man prodded.
Being called Lilith’s jerked Lena out of her dazed confusion.  “I’m not hers.  I’m descended from her yes, but—”  She shook her head, realizing she babbled.  “I’m looking for Lucifer?  The Prince of Darkness?  Do you know him?”
He chuckled with delight at that.  Lena’s face went hot.  She knew how ludicrous she sounded. 
Then she thought about what he’d said a moment before.  Lena’s eyes widened.  She’d felt so ridiculous by asking for the whereabouts of Satan that she didn’t immediately realize the man in the bed knew she possessed demon blood.  She’d sensed no demonic power from him.  He possessed none of the power surge she always felt from one of her kind. 
He must be one of those rare humans like Mom who can sense demonkind, Lena thought.
The man rose from the bed, and Lena managed to avert her eyes before the sheets slid down to reveal any naked parts she didn’t need to see.  The little blonde made a sound of protest as he left her.  Lena peeked to see him belting a black velvet robe and regarding the other woman with a cold expression.
“We will finish our business later.  Leave for now.”
The starlet-looking girl puffed her lips out in a pretty pout.  She bounced her perky, pretty body out of the bed, swinging a short, red silk robe over her slender and yet voluptuous frame.  Lena found herself wondering uncharitably how much of her perfect body was what nature had given her.  No one should look like that without surgical help.
With a cross look at Lena, the precious little thing flounced out of the room.
“Now, Lena, child of Lilith.  To what do I owe this visit?” the deep voice invited.
She turned her attention to the man again and tried not to drool.  He was darkly stunning, looking as if he’d be equally at home in a tuxedo and Bentley as he might in a leather jacket astride a Harley.  Lena caught herself checking out the well-muscled chest framed by the robe and the peek of thigh revealed by the loosely tied edges.  Worst still, he caught her looking and one corner of his mouth lifted in amusement.
Her embarrassment translated into anger.  “I’m not Lilith’s child,” she repeated.  “And whether you believe it or not, I really am looking for Satan.”
“Whom you’ve found,” he said, spreading his arms open wide.  The robe was in sudden danger of revealing more than chest and leg.  Lena jerked her eyes away.
“You can’t be,” she insisted, feeling heat flush her face again.  “I can’t – I don’t feel anything from you.”
“Of course not.  I find others think such a display to be off-putting.  However, if it will help—” 
The tidal wave of power erased everything Lena felt, saw, or heard.  There was only the sense of being washed under a tsunami of crushing force.  She couldn’t even gather her senses enough to scream as she felt simultaneously smashed against from without and exploded from within.
Then it was over, and Lena discovered she had crumpled in a heap at the man’s feet.  She looked up at his dark face.  His eyes were a brilliant blue, and his smile blinded.  She detected no sense of demonic energy from him whatsoever.  While his beauty was almost unearthly, Lena never in a million years would guess what he was. 
She’d never been so scared in all her life. 

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