Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lilith's Return Now Available for Nook

I am thrilled to announce that Lilith's Return, the sequel to Lilith, is now available for purchase at Barnes & Noble.  The release is a bit earlier than expected, but for an indie publisher, it's next to impossible to control when distributors put the book out.  It will soon be available at Amazon for Kindle and print, as well as Smashwords.

Here's a little excerpt to enjoy:

Lena hugged Alex and wrinkled her nose at the rotten-egg sulfurous scent surrounding her.  Like most humans, her mother wouldn’t notice the smell clinging to her body.  “Been getting up close and personal with the dying damned again, Mom?”
She received a scowl for her half-hearted joke.  “Please don’t give your father something else to bitch at me about.”
Dad’s thunderous look came back.  “Oh, I smelled that shit on you.  Don’t think for an instant you’re fooling me.  You know better than to let them close enough to touch you!”
Great, he’d started cursing.  Alex often voiced the vocabulary of a sailor, but Colwyn usually kept his language clean.  He really was pissed off if he used profanity.
As the older pair resumed glaring at one another, Lena walked around the desk to stick a thumb drive into her father’s computer.  She eyed the bar behind the desk and considered pouring drinks for everyone.  Maybe it would sweeten the atmosphere.  Then again, it might make things worse.  Besides, Alex rarely touched anything but sacramental wine these days.
Lena sank into the leather swivel chair with a sigh.  Comfort and luxury was a hallmark of her father’s tastes and nowhere did it show more evidently than the office of Lasham Funeral Home, the nicest place to be laid out in Miami, Florida.  Gorgeous paintings of idyllic landscapes decorated the emerald and gold wallpapered walls.  The carpet was a plush rich brown, the gleaming wood furniture substantial without appearing ponderous.  The picture window behind Colwyn’s chair looked out over a small but perfectly tended garden area with benches to sit on and a pond fed by a small burbling waterfall.  Just the serenity of the room had calmed many a grieving family.  Colwyn’s demonic talent of feeding on pain and relieving the sharpest of human suffering only added to the peace so desperately needed by those left behind.
Colwyn’s arms were crossed over his chest again as he skewered Alex with his stare.  She stared back, one eyebrow lifted in challenge.  The tension thickened by the second. 
Lena rolled her eyes.  “Sorry to interrupt yet another episode of ‘Don’t Go Demon Hunting Without Me, Dear’, but I have plans for tonight and I want to get your approval on these shots.”

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