Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith


             “I love to feel how their suffering grows as their strength dies.  Did you hear how he screamed when I took him this morning?”  Naamah rubbed her breasts and shivered. 
            “I only hope the neighbors didn’t hear as well.”  Lilith looked in the pot her daughter stirred.  “Do you really expect me to eat that?”
            “I’m not used to this sort of thing.  I’ve always been the mistress, not the help.  Besides, I thought I’d be guarding you, not cooking for you.” 
            Lilith sneered at the glop bubbling on the stove.  “I would never accuse you of cooking.”
            Naamah brightened.  “Then let me toss this in the garbage.  We weren’t meant to live like this anyway.  The others would laugh if they could see Lilith and Naamah sleeping in a small, plain house and cooking their own meals.  Let’s go to a restaurant, one with young waiters.  I could use fresh meat.  That one’s almost finished.”  She licked her lips as another sob trailed into the room.
            Lilith considered it for a moment.  She was insanely bored, having to be a spectator to the murders she should be committing.  Naamah’s suggestion certainly tempted her, but not so much for toys to fuck and destroy.  Humans had buffet restaurants, where the food sat out in the open, begging to be tampered with.  She’d killed a pharmacist and an exterminator, both of whom had provided her with fun substances fit for such a scenario.  The demoness ached to play.
            But she was so close to killing off the Segreto now.  Just a few more days and she felt sure she’d be powerful enough to destroy its female warrior with barely an effort.  

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