Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Season of Giving

Hello, Christmas.  Here you are again, giving me yet another headache.  Why?  Because the older I and my  gift recipients get, the fewer good presents I can come up with.  It’s to the point where I excitedly peruse all articles with titles like “Gifts for the Person Who has Everything”.  I’m paging through magazines muttering, “Come on, come on, something, anything.”  You know what?  I still come up empty. 

I couldn’t face another year of copping out with the gift cards.  I just couldn’t.  It seems so damned un-Christmas to hand people an envelope instead of a wrapped present.  Where’s the fun in that?  Where’s the delight in seeing their surprise?  Bah humbug on the gift cards. 

So I got super serious about looking at my options this year.  Darn if I didn’t find some fun alternatives to a few dollar bills or a gift card tucked in a Christmas card.  If you’re in the same gift-giving rut I’ve found myself in, maybe this can help.

For the Foodies

My hunt for something out of the ordinary brought me to Goldbely (https://www.goldbely.com/).  Do you have someone on your list who loves lobster?  Ship them some straight from Maine.  Got a bacon fiend in the family?  (That would be me.)  The Baconry in NYC will bake you cookies with bacon, along with other amazing items.  Is your hubby curious about Chicago deep-dish pizza?  Mine was, and I had two sent straight from the source for his birthday last week.  You’ll find the best of the best gourmet treats at this site.  Some even feature free shipping.  Bon appétit!

For the Fashionista

Got someone on your list who loves designer labels but can’t afford the price tag?  Shock them with something straight out of Heidi Klum’s closet at Fashion Project (https://www.fashionproject.com/).  Plus, you’ll be giving to charity, since a portion of the proceeds go to charities like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, One Fund, and many others ... now that’s giving! 

Fashion Project is a site that sells gently used ... and sometimes not used at all (still with price tags!) fashions from the biggest names.  These items come from fashion designers, fashion editors, and celebrities.  Recent contributions of clothes, shoes, and accessories came from the aforementioned Klum, Glenn Close, and Jenna Elfman.  It turns out Jenna and I wear the same size clothing and shoes ... too bad our tastes aren’t similar.  However, I did recently pick up a $1,300 Giorgio Armani suit for only $100:
You’ll also find Vera Wang, Prada, and other big names.  I am in total love with my Taryn Rose Italian shoes, which I snagged for $50:
Your gift recipient will also be in awe of your amazing taste, and the charities who benefit from your purchase will have lots to be thankful for this season.

For the Socially Aware

One of my favorite non-profits in my local area is Morningstar Children and Family Services, (http://morningstarcfs.org) located here in Brunswick, Georgia.  Kids with emotional/behavioral disorders as well as intellectual disabilities find a safe haven at Morningstar.  Providing a therapeutic environment, services, and foster care for these most vulnerable children, Morningstar is always grateful for donations and volunteers.  They are presently in need of a passenger van to take their residents to activities, doctor visits, and other various destinations as required, and are taking donations toward that goal.  Your gift in a loved one’s name will benefit so many people who need it most.  

You can also find some great treasures at their thrift shop The Attic located at the Darien Outlet Mall off I-95’s exit 49.  All proceeds go straight to the helping the kids.   

With research, I managed to keep my gift card buying down to one person this year.  That particular person on my nice list is in transition with a major change in his life, so he really was impossible to buy for.  I feel pretty good about my gifting choices this time around.
May your gift buying go as well.  Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

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