Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Lilith’s Return

The airline attendant served coffee, and Alex tucked into hers with gratitude.  The night before had been mostly sleepless, even with Colwyn holding her close and feeding on her anxiety.  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the coming fight with Lilith that had Alex on edge.  She couldn’t shut down her worries over Lena, even though she’d left her daughter safe and sound in Miami.

“She really wanted to come with us.  She hasn’t wanted any part of the Segreto since she was a teenager.”  Alex kept her eyes trained on the brown pool of coffee in a heavy white cup.  She’d told the attendant to keep it full.  More than indulging her huge caffeine addiction, drinking coffee gave her something to do during the two-hour flight.

Colwyn’s big hand on her thigh was welcome weight.  He squeezed gently.  “She wanted to be normal when she was younger.  She wanted to be human.  I don’t blame her for that.”

“She’s had a good life with a lot of friends.  It would have been so much harder on her if she’d been a succubus.” 

Of all the challenges that had faced Lena, Alex was profoundly grateful being a succubus hadn’t been one of them.  The aunt Lena had been named for, Colwyn and Jacob’s younger sister, had been a succubus.  The first Lena had targeted only sexual predators for her deadly feeds, the very worst of the worst.  It hadn’t saved her in the end.  The original Segreto, run by the Catholic Church, had discovered Colwyn’s sister’s existence and murdered her.  She was only a teenager when she died, and Alex’s blood curdled to think of the young woman destroyed so ruthlessly without a hearing.  If that had happened to her own little girl... 

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